Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dog Days

Wishbone's Dog Days of the West
It's the Dog Days people. Let me tell you, i'm feeling it.

Looking over my mood charts (detailed logs I've kept for about 2 years now, documenting my mood swings, medications, sleeping habits, etc.), i'm noticing that just about this time every year i hit a funk. i get lazy during the days and end up living curiously similar to a vampire. i sleep until the early afternoon, laze about until sunset and then suddenly come to life, accomplishing a fair amount. But then it comes 10 pm rather quickly (that's when i'm supposed to take my medications) and i'm wide awake. Then i don't take my meds until 3 am, when i'm finally feeling sleepy. Then i doze off at 4 or 5 only to start the whole damn cycle again.

i was beginning to really beat myself up about it, especially since i had trained myself to be an early riser (though returning to the night shift at the CafĂ© sabotaged that quite nicely). Now, after reviewing my mood charts, i'm realizing that it's simply my freaky-deaky brain reacting to the hottest part of the year.

It's 4 am as i'm writing this. Oh yes, people, i'm feeling the dog days. But the question, is what kind of dog breed am I?