Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pets & Weddings – A Good Combination?

Everyone knows that dog is man’s best friend, but does that mean they should be included in your wedding. Here we examine the pros and cons of including your furry friend in your wedding. 


  • You don’t need a ring bear when you have a dog. Your previous pup can walk the rings down the aisle instead. In my opinion, the chances of a dog losing the rings is less likely than a little boy losing the ring!
  • Skip the wedding flowers and carry your (little) dog down the aisle. (Yes, this may be a little bit of a stretch, but I’m not a flower person so go with me on it.) Dogs are better than flowers. Period. Therefore, you should walk down the aisle with your pet in tow instead of flowers. I wouldn’t suggest this is if you are the type of bride that wants all the attention on them during the wedding though.
  • Think about it, just about any photo of a dog is pretty darn cute. With that being said, just imagine how amazing your wedding pictures would be with an adorable dog and the love of your life. They are special to you, some would even call them family, so you will be happy when you look back on pictures and see your precious pooch.


  • Not all dogs are great with people and they might get annoyed easily, especially by young kids who think the dog is a horsey! Keep this in mind before deciding if you want to include your pet as part of your ceremony. Another thing to consider before including your dog is people with allergies. You don’t want your ceremony to be ruined by the sniffing and sneezing of guests due to your dog.
  • A dog might not sit well through a whole ceremony. Consider your dog’s personality before you decide if they will be part of your wedding and what role you are expecting them to do. The weather should be taken into account if you are having an outdoor wedding. Some dogs will not be able to stand the heat for an extended period of time.
  • You need a dog sitter or someone to watch after them during the ceremony as well as the reception if they will be accompanying you there as well. DO NOT expect family to be in charge of this; they will likely be busy talking to guests. If you don’t have someone watching the dog, this may happen –

Bottom line, would you not invite your best friend to your wedding? Well like I said, dog is man’s best friend so they should be on the guest list too. Not having your dog at your wedding is like not having a part of you there too, which basically means that you should have your dog there, no questions asked.
About the Author: Allison is a pet lover and guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, providing brides and party planners with the best locking card boxes for any special event!