Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Horse Care Tips

The Westbury White Horse
The Westbury White Horse (Photo credit: JohnBurke)
So you have a horse. How do you keep it living healthy and strong? We've got a few top nutritional tips for your horse so it can kick the long face.

1. Grass and hay keeps the doctor away, at least for horses. Grass contains large amounts of fiber and water, which are big necessities for a horse diet. Hay is great for the colder months, but be sure it is free of dust and mold.

2. Horses' stomachs were meant for grazing, which means that feeding them small quantities frequently throughout the course of the day is the most natural and healthy eating habit for them to get into. It may not fit in well with your day or work schedule, but certainly make sure their eating style matches that for the weekend.

3. Grains contain quite a bit of calories that most average horses don't need, and can actually lead to serious health problems if they eat too much of it. Bone, joint and muscle problems can occur especially at a young age, so it's best to keep to the low calorie diets of grass and hay.

4. Supplements when needed. Many nutrients are simply not available in particular locations, and since horses are historically known to travel and gain a large number of natural nutrients, it's nice to have them all compacted into horse supplements for a wide range of breeds. Usually these can be administered on a monthly basis, however follow the directions closely to know when your horse should take theirs.
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